15 Homer Alone

One day, Marge becomes stressed from all of the chores she does for her family. The day is particularly stressful as she must run several errands. While driving over a bridge, she listens to the radio and hears the DJs make a cruel prank call to a man. She suddenly snaps after Maggie accidentally bursts open her bottle and floods the car with milk and parks her car in the middle of the bridge, blocking traffic. The police try to convince her to move her car, to no avail. Finally, Homer arrives and convinces her to get out of the car, and she is promptly arrested by the police. Many women sympathize with Marge's plight, and Mayor Quimby, hoping to gain popularity, orders her release.

That night, Marge decides to unwind by taking a vacation to a spa called Rancho Relaxo. She goes alone, putting Bart and Lisa into the care of her sisters Patty and Selma and leaving Maggie at home with Homer. Marge enjoys her much-needed rest while the rest of the family have difficulty adapting to life without her. Homer finds that he is lonely, and not adept at taking care of Maggie. Bart and Lisa have a hard time adjusting to life with their aunts.

Maggie, upset about her mother's absence, makes her way out of the house looking for Marge and goes missing. After a long search by Homer and Barney, Homer calls a baby search hotline. Meanwhile, Marge has done everything she wanted to do in her vacation and calls Homer to tell him she is coming back and he should pick her up at the train station. Maggie is found on the edge of the top of an ice-cream shop and is returned to Homer just in time for Marge's arrival. That night, Marge tells Homer and the kids, who are all sleeping next to her, that she would like more help around the house; they assure her she has nothing to worry about.

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