20 Colonel Homer

The Simpsons go to the local movie theater to see a film. Bart and Lisa see Space Mutants VI, while Homer, Marge, and Maggie see The Stockholm Affair. As the film starts, Homer acts loud and obnoxious, embarrassing Marge. When he gives away the film's ending, Marge berates him and the audience heckles Homer, embarrassing them both. During the car ride home, Marge tries to apologize, but Homer will not accept it, by dropping Marge and the children off at home and goes off on a long drive into the night, finally stopping at a redneck bar called Beer 'N' Brawl, where he grabs a beer while listening to an attractive waitress named Lurleen Lumpkin performing on stage. She sings a song that follows Homer's current state with every detail, and once she finishes, Homer introduces himself to her.

Several days later, still humming Lurleen's song, Homer drives to her mobile home to ask for a copy. Lurleen tells him she has not recorded the song, so Homer insists that she come to a recording company to record a CD. Homer grants the recording company clerk permission to play the song on the radio, and Lurleen's songs are an instant hit all over Springfield. At home, Marge asks Homer about Lurleen; he claims that she is just a waitress who is turning into a music superstar. Marge does not approve that he is seeing her, as she fears that something more will come of the relationship. Homer becomes Lurleen's manager, and to fit with the role, she buys him an expensive white cowboy suit which he wears at home. Marge is annoyed, and asks if he is having an affair. He denies it, and says whether Marge likes it or not, he is going to help Lurleen become a country music star. The whole family gathers at the recording studio with Lurleen to record more of her songs. Her new single, a suggestive love metaphor called "Bagged Me a Homer", leads Marge to lose her temper.

Homer gets Lurleen a gig on a country western television series called Ya-Hoo! Just before her performance, Homer and Lurleen spend the night in her mobile home, and she shows him one of her new songs. In the song she asks Homer to "bunk" with her, but Homer knows that would violate his marital vows and leaves. During her performance, Homer is approached by a business agent who asks to buy Lurleen's contract, but Homer refuses. In Lurleen's dressing room, Homer becomes locked in an embrace with her, then describes how his love life is flashing before his eyes. Homer tells Lurleen that he only wanted to share her voice with the world and leaves before he does anything to lose his family. He again runs into the agent and this time sells Lurleen's contract for US $50. At home, Marge is watching the Ya-Hoo! show when Homer returns. When Homer gets into bed, Marge hears what Homer did through Lurleen's bluesy song on the television which Lurleen concludes by saying she knows how lucky Marge is.

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