11 Homer's Triple Bypass

After being warned by Marge about his unhealthy eating, Homer starts to feel chest pains. After several more instances of the chest pains, Homer has a heart attack.

Homer is sent to the hospital, where Marge visits him. Dr. Hibbert informs Homer that he needs a triple bypass, which will cost him $30,000. Upon hearing this, Homer has another heart attack, which increases the price to $40,000. Marge and Homer try to figure out a way to pay for the operation. Homer goes to The Merry Widow Insurance Company, but is denied when he has a heart attack before signing the policy. Unable to afford surgery at the hospital, Marge and Homer see a commercial for Dr. Nick Riviera, an incompetent surgeon who will perform any operation for $129.95. Leaving no other alternative, Homer decides to go for the cheaper service.

During the operation, Dr. Nick realizes that he does not know what to do. Lisa, who is watching the operation in the amphitheater, uses her knowledge of cardiology to guide Dr. Nick. The surgery is successful, and Homer makes a full recovery.

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