6 Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie

Marge and Homer go to Parent Night at Springfield Elementary School. Although Ms. Hoover tells Homer that Lisa is doing well, Ms. Krabappel tells Marge that Bart is continually causing trouble. Urging Homer and Marge to enforce stronger discipline on Bart with the idea that he could grow up to become a Supreme Court Justice if he turns his life around, the two return home to find that Bart stole and broke Grampa's false teeth. As a result, Bart is sent up to his room without dinner as punishment, but Homer sneaks up and brings him some pizza, making Bart promise to behave. However, Bart continues to get in trouble and Homer's attempts to discipline him fail. Eventually he promises Marge to make the next punishment stick.

It is announced that there will be an Itchy & Scratchy Movie and in anticipation, Bart buys himself a ticket. Later on, Bart is left to babysit Maggie and he neglects to watch her as he is distracted by the history of Itchy & Scratchy, leaving her to take Homer's car for a joyride and crash into the wall of Springfield Prison, releasing the prisoners. As a result, Homer angrily blames Bart and punishes him by banning him from ever seeing The Itchy & Scratchy Movie. He tears up Bart's ticket to prove that he means business. Bart begs to be given a different punishment, but Homer refuses. After the film's release, Bart becomes angry and sad that he is the only kid in Springfield who has not seen it. Two months later, the film is still being shown in theaters as Marge and Lisa beg Homer to change his mind, with Marge claiming Bart has been punished enough. However, Homer still denies this and makes the punishment stick. Bart attempts to secretly watch the film by paying for a ticket, but finds out that Homer went to the theater and requested that the employees there not sell a ticket to him. Eventually, the film is removed from theaters and Bart tells Homer he won, to which Homer replies by saying they both won because by using his punishment Bart is in no doubt headed for a better life.

40 years later, Bart, now Chief Justice of the United States, and Homer, a senior citizen, walk down the street and discover the film is back in the local theater as a classic re-release. Homer decides that Bart has learned his lesson and the two watch the movie happily together.

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