14 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy

Dr. Hibbert introduces a frail Ben Matlock to a crowd of excited seniors at the Grand Opening of the Center for Geriatric Medicine. After seeing his idol mobbed to the ground by fans, Abe becomes aware of his mortality and gives the family their inheritances early. He leaves the family a box of old silver dollars (which Abe explains he got when Rockefeller flew by his house in a balloon, dropping money) that they decide to spend at the mall right away. At the mall, Lisa sees the new talking Malibu Stacy doll in a toy store. Throughout the trip home, Abe will not stop telling stories and spouting useless advice, making the family shun him. Grampa asks if its because he reminds them of the grim spectre of death, but Homer explains that although they love him, Grampa is an annoying old crank who is unpleasant to spend time with. Lisa is anxious to hear what the talking Malibu Stacy has to say, but is disappointed with her sexist phrases (such as "Don't ask me, I'm just a girl" and "Thinking gives you wrinkles"). Lisa is angry that no one else can see the ridiculousness of the doll. She and Abe sit at the kitchen table, bemoaning how they are treated because of their age while both of them decide to change, Abe to get a job, and Lisa to find Malibu Stacy's creator, Stacy Lovell.

Lisa visits Waylon Smithers, owner of the world's largest Malibu Stacy collection, and asks for help in finding Lovell, who was ousted from the Malibu Stacy company in 1974. Lisa bikes to Lovell's house and plays one of the doll's phrases over the intercom. The gate immediately opens. Lisa and Lovell decide to create a new talking doll, Lisa Lionheart, voiced by Lisa herself. The doll is quietly released, but the executives of Malibu Stacy have a meeting in which they agree that Lisa's doll is a real threat because it might hurt the sales of their doll. Meanwhile, Abe struggles with his new job at Krusty Burger, suffering a war flashback at the drive-in and losing his false teeth making burgers. He soon becomes angry at the way seniors are treated, and quits. After a slow initial release, Lisa Lionheart suddenly gains popularity among the fans of the Stacy Malibu after being featured in Kent Brockman's news show. At the mall, as kids, and Smithers, rush out to buy Lisa Lionheart, a cart of new Malibu Stacy dolls with new hats is wheeled right into the path of the group running for the Lionheart display. Lisa appeals to them that it is just the same doll with a "stupid, cheap" hat, but they all prefer to stick with Malibu Stacy, largely due to the encouragement of Smithers, except for one little girl, who leaves with a Lisa Lionheart doll. Despite the fact that the doll is a failure, Lisa takes heart that her message was able to get through to at least one little girl.

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