16 Homer Loves Flanders

Homer is distraught when he is unable to acquire tickets for an upcoming football game involving the Springfield Atoms. When Ned Flanders wins two tickets to the game on a radio competition, he invites Homer as his guest. Though reluctant because of his dislike of Flanders, Homer is desperate to attend the game and accepts. Ned pays for all the food and even gets the winning quarterback, Stan "The Boy" Taylor, to give the game ball to Homer. Overwhelmed by Ned's generosity and no longer ashamed to be associated with him, Homer becomes friends with Ned and his family. Homer begins acting overly grateful and annoys Ned and his family to no end by interrupting their family time together. The situation is not helped after Homer follows Ned to a homeless shelter for charity work; Homer becomes bored with Flanders' slowly dishing soup for the homeless and takes over, however his impatience is mistaken for generosity by a newspaper photographer, and the resulting article declares Homer a hero. Homer's popularity with the townspeople surges and eclipses Ned's reputation. The Flanders family and the Simpson family go on a camping trip, but the families do not get along. When the Simpsons initiate a food fight, Ned later tells his wife that he has grown to hate Homer.

Upon returning home, Homer remains oblivious to Ned's animosity. He arrives at the Flanders's house expecting to play golf, but Flanders and his family get in their car and race off without him. Pulled over by Chief Wiggum for speeding, Ned takes a sobriety test as disapproving townspeople watch, and his good name is destroyed after Wiggum announces that Ned is "high as a kite" (even though he simply fell over). At church, when the entire congregation bow their heads in prayer, Homer inhales very loudly through his nose, causing Ned to finally snap and yell at Homer. This alarms the congregation who denounce Flanders as bitter and jealous, but nevertheless, Homer sticks up for Ned and everyone apologizes to him for not getting the full story and misjudging him. Ned is touched at Homer for sticking up for him and the two reconcile their friendship.

Shocked, Lisa and Bart, thinking that everything would be back to normal by now, consider that this may be the end of their wacky adventures. However, the following week, Homer once again hates Ned and everything is back to normal, much to Lisa and Bart's relief. The family then spends the night in a haunted house (which formerly belonged to Homer's Great Uncle Boris), and are heard screaming after the lights go out.

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