9 The Last Temptation of Homer

After Homer and his coworkers barely escape from a gas leak at the nuclear power plant, Homer's coworker is fired when he asks Mr. Burns to put in a real emergency exit. After breaking numerous labor laws in hiring a replacement, such as hiring illegal aliens and ducks, the United States Department of Labor demands that Burns make changes in the power plant's policies, including hiring at least one female worker. A beautiful woman named Mindy Simmons is brought in and Homer finds he is falling in love with her. Barney advises Homer to talk to Mindy because they will most likely have nothing in common. Homer does so, and to his horror, he finds they have exactly the same personality and interests. Meanwhile, Marge is sick with a bad cold, which makes her very unattractive to Homer.

Meanwhile, Bart is sent to an eye specialist after it is discovered he has poor vision. The optometrist decides he has lazy eye and fits him with special, thick glasses he has to wear for two weeks. Bart also finds out he has a dry scalp that can only be treated by matting his hair down with a medicated salve, therefore parting his hair to both sides. He also receives a pair of oversized shoes to help his posture, and a spray in his throat to cure the redness, which temporarily gives him a squeaky voice. These adjustments give Bart the appearance of, and gradually turn him into, a nerd. He is picked on and beaten up regularly by bullies for the duration of the two weeks. Eventually, Bart comes back to school in his normal appearance, explaining he is no longer a nerd, but the bullies still decide to beat him up anyway.

Homer does his best to avoid Mindy, who is falling in love with Homer, but despite his best efforts, they keep ending up together. Eventually, Homer decides to talk to Mindy, and say that due to their attraction, they should completely avoid each other. However, things get worse when Homer and Mindy are sent to represent the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the National Energy Convention in Capital City. After a romantic dinner as an award for winning the Convention, Homer and Mindy go back to their hotel room, and Homer expresses his worries. Mindy tells Homer how she feels about him, but assures him that nothing has to happen between them, and that it is up to him to decide how far their relationship will go. Even though he is very tempted by her, Homer declares his faithfulness to Marge. Mindy accepts his decision and leaves after they share a kiss. Later, Marge shows up with Homer to share a romantic evening together.

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