13 And Maggie Makes Three

While the family is browsing through the family photo album, Lisa notices that there are no baby pictures of Maggie at all. Homer explains by recounting the story of Maggie's birth. In 1993, Homer hated working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, and had a dream of working at a bowling alley. After he received a paycheck that cleared him of all his debts, he happily quit his job at the power plant, and went to get a job at the local bowling alley owned by Barney Gumble's uncle Al.

When Homer and Marge celebrated this development with sex, she became pregnant. In the meantime, Homer did an excellent job working at the bowling alley, and got treated well by the staff and customers as a result. Meanwhile, upon learning of her pregnancy, Marge feared that the news would end Homer's new lifestyle and happiness, because it meant he could no longer support his family on his bowling alley salary. Marge kept her pregnancy a secret as long as she could, but Patty and Selma, eager to ruin Homer's life, spread the news quickly around town. As a result, several people congratulated Homer, who was unaware of Marge's pregnancy until a baby shower was given to Marge back at the Simpson residence.

Realizing the truth, Homer became very unhappy and completely unenthusiastic about it. On Marge's advice, he attempted to get a raise on his salary to alleviate his problem, but Al stated that the alley can't do enough to make that much money unless the business was expanded. Homer then attempted to expand the business by using a shotgun to attract more customers, but this failed. Due to the financial problems caused by the pregnancy, Homer was forced to quit his job at the bowling alley and go back to the power plant. However, Mr. Burns made Homer beg for his job back, and in an attempt to break what is left of Homer's spirit as punishment for quitting his job earlier, he placed a large plaque in front of Homer's desk reading: "Don't forget: you're here forever". Homer was once again unhappy at his work, but as with all the Simpson children, when Maggie was born, Homer instantly fell in love with her. Back in the present, Bart and Lisa still do not understand what that has to do with Maggie's photos. Homer merely mentions that they are in the place where he needs them the most. The scene then cuts to his workplace where all of the photos of Maggie are positioned on the plaque on the wall, which now reads: "Do it for her".

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