3 Another Simpsons Clip Show

Marge is reading The Bridges of Madison County one night and wakes up Homer to ask if he thinks the romance has gone out of their marriage. He grumbles, saying that he was working all day, but Marge points out that it is actually Saturday night at 9PM; Homer ignores her and tosses the book into the newly built fireplace in their bedroom. Marge groans and falls asleep.

In the morning, Marge gets the family together to discuss romance, but they can only come up with vignettes from their failed relationships (and in the parents' case, near-extramarital affairs) in the form of clips from previous episodes. Homer, however, saves the day when he brings up how he and Marge got together (in clips from the second season episode "The Way We Was"). Ultimately, the kids do not care for this one and wind up watching Itchy & Scratchy while Homer and Marge share another special moment.

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