5 Bart After Dark

An Itchy & Scratchy cartoon is interrupted with a news report that an oil tanker has crashed and spilled millions of gallons of oil on "Baby Seal Beach". Lisa sees the report and asks Marge if she can go and help save the wildlife. After some begging, Marge agrees and the two go to help out, leaving Bart and Homer home alone. The house quickly becomes a mess and Bart goes out to play with his friends. Milhouse's toy airplane crashes into a house after Nelson tampers with the remote control and Bart, despite warnings that the house is inhabited by a witch, goes to retrieve it. While doing so, he accidentally knocks down a stone gargoyle and Belle, the owner of the house, goes to Homer and says she will not press charges but demands he be punished. Homer originally dismisses this, but Belle threatens to come back and speak with Marge, leading Homer to force Bart to do chores for Belle. Fearing the worst, Bart soon discovers that the house is actually a burlesque house called the Maison Derrière (the "back house" as Belle translates it to Bart) and quickly takes a new enthusiasm to his job.

Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa arrive at the beach, but discover that the ability to help the animals is reserved for celebrities, who are already doing the job. The two are put to work cleaning rocks, and soon abandon the job and drive home.

While picking up Bart, Homer learns about the true nature of the burlesque house, but does nothing about Bart working there. Principal Skinner visits the house and sees Bart as the door greeter. He reports it to the Lovejoys and the Flanders who confront Homer about the matter. Homer declares that he has no problem with Bart working there just as Marge returns home unexpectedly.

Marge asks Belle to close down the burlesque house, but Belle refuses saying that the house is a part of Springfield. At a town meeting, Marge brings up the matter of the house and shows pictures of several prominent citizens leaving. They form a mob so they can go destroy the burlesque house. The mob arrives at the house and immediately start destroying things. Bart and Homer arrive and Homer decides to try to convince the mob to stop. He does so by singing a musical number accompanied by Belle and some of her dancers. The town soon joins in and are convinced to let the house stay. However, Marge arrives with a bulldozer, having missed the song. The town announces their intentions to let the house stay, but Marge tries to sing her own song about her views. During the opening lines, she accidentally puts the bulldozer into drive and destroys a wing of the burlesque house. Marge now finds that the tables have turned, and loses any support she once had. She apologizes profusely and, to pay for the damage, she starts a ventriloquist act at the house, but when Homer yells "Take it off!", Bart (now a bouncer) kicks him out of the house.

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