11 All Singing, All Dancing

Homer and Bart rent the film Paint Your Wagon, expecting it to be a shoot-em-up Western, since it stars Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin. Homer is dismayed to find out that it is actually a musical, and express his distaste for such films. Marge is baffled by this, saying that he ironically loves singing. The family starts delivering their dialogue in song form, and Marge decides to prove that Homer loves to sing by showing family videos. Several clips are shown of various songs from past episodes, but Homer is not convinced. At this moment, Snake Jailbird breaks into their house and decides to hold them hostage. However once he hears them singing, Snake decides that they would not make good hostages and leaves.

The family continues to sing and more videos are shown, this time of other Springfield citizens. Snake again breaks into the house and claims that he got a song stuck in his head and the only way to get rid of it is to kill the Simpsons. He tries to shoot them, but discovers that his gun is out of ammo and leaves again. Homer is still not convinced . Marge points out that everyone in town loves to sing, and more clips are shown. Homer is finally convinced and the family sings a final song, admitting that there is something worse than singing: "when a long-running series does a cheesy clip show."

Snake returns for a final time, with ammunition, and aims his gun at them, but the family reveals that they are done singing. Snake declares that he has no problems with them, and leaves. During the end credits, Snake hears the theme song being played over the credits, and stops it with his gun (including the Gracie Films jingle, but not the Fox one).

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