21 Girly Edition

After Groundskeeper Willie takes away Bart's skateboard for destroying his leaf pile, Bart fills up Willie's shack with creamed corn as he is sleeping, causing the shack to explode. As Willie is being taken away for medical attention, he swears revenge on Bart. Meanwhile, Krusty the Clown's show comes under criticism by the FCC for not being educational enough for children. The Channel 6 executive proposes that Krusty cut ten minutes from his three-hour show to make room for a kids' news program, Kidz News, where children deliver and report news items. Lisa is recruited as a news anchor along with other Springfield Elementary School children. Bart is not chosen at first, but is made sportscaster after he complains to Marge.

Lisa is deemed to be boring by the channel's staff, though they are impressed by Bart's performance. Bart is then promoted to be the co-anchor, which leads to jealousy from Lisa. However, after Bart hears Lisa talking behind his back, he tries to improve being an anchor. After failing to read an article concerning a U.S. Supreme Court decision, he goes to Kent Brockman for advice, who teaches him about the power of human interest stories. Bart becomes successful after creating a segment called "Bart's People", which Lisa immediately disapproves of due to its sappy, emotionally manipulative content. Out of jealousy, Lisa attempts to copy it, but her filming is twice hampered by Crazy Cat Lady. She eventually sends a letter acting as an immigrant who lives in a landfill who pleads to be on Bart's People, causing Bart to rush to the landfill for a live broadcast. However, he learns that the immigrant is Groundskeeper Willie, wanting revenge on Bart. Lisa saves Bart by changing Willie's mind about killing him, using similar techniques Bart used in his stories to stir up emotions. The two decide from then on to make a good educational news program, resulting in Kidz News being canceled and replaced by The Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour, an action cartoon which advertises toys and chocolate.

In the subplot, Homer obtains a monkey helper named "Mojo" after learning Apu has gotten one following the latest robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart, which has left him in a wheelchair. Homer is initially refused one after openly admitting to the animal shelter clerk that he needs a helper monkey because he is lazy, but is able to use Grampa to get one. Homer initially uses the monkey to do housework, which frightens and disgusts Marge (after she drinks the orange juice Mojo made), but then uses the monkey to steal doughnuts from Lard Lad Donut Shop. Eventually, Mojo becomes tired, weak, and overfed from eating junk food and drinking beer with Homer. Marge pleads with Homer to take the monkey back to the shelter so it can be rehabilitated. Homer leaves Mojo on the doorstep, where the sickly simian is only able to type "Pray for Mojo" on a special computer the animal shelter clerk gives him.

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