4 Treehouse of Horror VIII

In a parody of The Ωmega Man, Mayor Quimby generates controversy after making an offensive joke about France. After refusing to apologize, the French president launches a neutron bomb directly into Springfield. Homer had been inspecting a bomb shelter he was considering buying from Herman's military surplus store. After the blast Homer emerges from the shelter and seems to be the only person in town to have survived. Sorrowful at first, he quickly cheers up once he realizes he can now do whatever he pleases. After a spree of doing just that, Homer is soon confronted by a band of Springfield citizens who have become mutants. They say that they want to create a perfect world in which the mistakes of the past will be eliminated - including Homer. Homer flees in a hearse and arrives at his home where he finds that his family survived the blast because their house was protected by its layers of lead paint. and a cardboard box deemed a bomb shelter by Homer. Seeing Homer reunited with his family, the mutants see the error of their ways. They hope they can build a Utopian society with the Simpsons, but Marge and the children kill them with shotguns that they were hiding behind their backs. The family then head off to steal some Ferraris.

In a parody of The Fly, Homer buys a matter teleporter from Professor Frink's yard sale. Bart asks if he can use it, but Homer refuses. That night, Bart tries to sneak Snowball II into the teleporter and at the same time, Santa's Little Helper jumps in. The pets come out of the machine as a creature with a dog's head at one end of its body and a cat's head at the other. A second creature with a tail at each end of its body emerges shortly afterwards. A fly lands on Bart's arm and thinking that he will become a mutant superhero, Bart grabs the fly and steps into the teleporter. He comes out with his normal head, but with the fly's body whilst the fly has his body. The rest of the family wakes up and sees Bart's body with a fly's head and decide that it must still be Bart and accept him as he is. The real Bart tries to convince the fly into going back into the teleporter, but the fly attempts to eat Bart, who later enlists help from Lisa. The fly overhears their conversation and chases Lisa into the kitchen where it tries to kill her. Bart tries to stop the fighting, but is quickly eaten by the fly. Lisa then sees this as an opportunity to undo the process and pushes the fly into the teleporter. Bart comes out the other end, now with his head back on his real body. Homer then pulls out an axe, making it appear that he is about the destroy the machine, but then angrily chases Bart around the house for messing with it.

In a parody of The Crucible, which takes place in 1649, the town is witness to many witch burnings. In the church, the townspeople try to figure out whom to condemn next. People begin accusing others and soon they erupt into chaos, until Marge intervenes. She tries to talk sense into the townspeople, but Moe accuses her of being a witch. Quimby assures her that she is entitled to due process which means she will be thrown off a cliff with a broomstick; if she is a witch she will be able to fly to safety, in which case the authorities expect her to report back for punishment. If she is not a witch, then she will fall to an honorable Christian death. Lisa tries to speak on her mother's behalf, but to no avail and Marge gets shoved off the cliff. Marge flies up on the broomstick revealing that she really is a witch and vows to conquer the whole entire town. She returns to her elder sisters Patty and Selma in their mountain lair; she is sad because they had forced her to leave her family. The sisters watch Ned and Maude Flanders talking about how the witches eat children, which gives them the notion to do just that. They knock on the Flanders' door and demand their sons. Before they leave, Maude offers the witches gingerbread men instead. The witches like these better than the children and let Rod and Todd go. They go to each house, getting goodies in exchange for not eating the children (though they already actually had eaten some beforehand). As they fly off, the Sea Captain says that is how the tradition of Halloween and trick-or-treating started. The scene then jumps to the following year in the same town where everyone is dressed in costumes and comparing treats. Homer and several others egg a house for not responding, until Lisa points out that it is their own house, making everyone laugh. Homer then accuses her of being a witch and everyone proceeds to chase her in the moonlight.

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