9 Realty Bites

Homer drags Marge to the police seized-property auction. While there, he buys Snake's car, the Li'l Bandit. Upon seeing this, Snake vows to kill Homer. After the auction, Marge encounters Lionel Hutz, who has become a realtor. Marge decides to try the job for herself and begins to work for Hutz at Red Blazer Realty. She tells prospective buyers her honest opinion about the houses she shows them and encourages the Hibberts not to move at all as she prefers their current home.

Due to her honesty, Marge does not sell any homes. Hutz tells her to use more positive descriptions when selling the houses, such as "cozy" instead of "small". Hutz also tells Marge if she does not sell a house in the first week, she will be fired. Marge tries to bend the truth, but fails as she just cannot lie to others. Marge does not disclose the entire truth of the house she sells to Ned Flanders and his family, which had been the site of a multiple homicide. The Flanders purchase the house and bid farewell to the Simpsons. Marge smiles through her guilt, while Homer is very pleased.

Meanwhile, Snake escapes from the minimum security prison and, after failing at an attempt to decapitate Homer with a wire hung across two trees (though he does manage to dismember Kirk van Houten), he jumps into the Li'l Bandit to get the car back from Homer. They start fighting each other to gain control of the moving car, and Chief Wiggum, who gets woken up by their fighting, starts chasing them.

Feeling guilty about her deception and concerned for the Flanders' safety, Marge goes to check on them at their new house. There, she tells them the truth about the murders, but they are not annoyed. Ned and Maude are pleased to be a part of Springfield's history, and refuse Marge's offer of returning the deposit. Unfortunately, the house is destroyed seconds later when Li'l Bandit and Wiggum's police car crash through the house. With the exception of Snake, no one is too badly hurt and Marge returns Flanders' down payment. Hutz, irritated at the damage costs and especially by the return of the money, he fires her. At the end of the episode, Homer takes Marge to the government unemployment office to collect a welfare check.

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